CCTV Camera Installation Training – Eng


Course Details
Course code ADCCS-E
Course Name Advanced Diploma in CCTV Camera Installation Training
Course Type Online
Eligibility No Need
Age Limit No bar
Duration 1 Month
Timing 24×7 Hrs
Payment Mode Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Paypal, Gpay
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Exam Online Examination with Online Verified Certificate.

Topics for this course

48 Lessons


1.CCTV Introduction00:00:00
2.1.What is the Requirement of Tools00:00:00
2.2.How using Security Camera Tester00:00:00
3-1. Various Types of Indoor & Outdoor Cameras00:00:00
3-2. Camera Specification-Explain00:00:00
3-3. What is Inside Parts of Camera00:00:00
3-4. How check IR Module00:00:00
3-5. How check Camera by Camere Tester00:00:00
4-1. What are the Required Tools for CCTV Cable Crimping00:00:00
4-2. What are the Required Cable and Connectors for CCTV Installation00:00:00
4-3. What is Cable -Explain00:00:00
4-4. Co-axial Cable Crimping Method00:00:00
4-5. How check Co-Axial Cable00:00:00
4-6. Audio Crimping and Balun Connectivity Method00:00:00
5-1. What is DVR and types of DVR00:00:00
5-2. DVR Inside Parts View00:00:00
5-3. How connect hard disk to DVR00:00:00
6-1. 4 Channel DVR installation00:00:00
6-2. How use hikvision DVR main menu00:00:00
6-3. DVR Camera Settings Method00:00:00
7-1. Manual recording and playback method00:00:00
7-2. DVR timer recording method00:00:00
8-1. Main Menu and Camera Setting Method00:00:00
8-2. Security Setting & Recording Method00:00:00
9-1. How to get video backup file from Hik Vision DVR00:00:00
9-2. How to get backup video file from Dahua DVR00:00:00
10-1. 8-Channel Camera Viewing00:00:00
10-2. Recording & Playback and Othersetting Method00:00:00
11-1. Network Setting for DVR00:00:00
11-2. How Find IP Address00:00:00
11-3. How Register DVR IP Address to Modem00:00:00
11-4. DVR Online View00:00:00
12-1. NVR,IP Camera Installation Method00:00:00
12-2. FISH EYE IP CAMERA Installation and IP Address Configuration00:00:00
12-3. How Changes IP Address00:00:00
13-1. IP Camera NVR View and Local Server Monitoring00:00:00
13-2. Network Cable Crimping Method00:00:00
13-3. Network Cable Checking Method Via Camera Tester00:00:00
14-1. What is PTZ Camera00:00:00
14-2. What is Joystick00:00:00
14-3. How Check PTZ Camera Via Camera Tester00:00:00
14-4. How Connect PTZ Camera to DVR00:00:00
14-5. How Connect PTZ Camera to Joystick and Preset Method00:00:00
15. Mobile Phone View00:00:00
16. Mobile view through USB dongle DVR00:00:00
17. Wireless Camera Connect to Mobile Phone00:00:00
18-1. Varrious Models Zoom Camera and Lenz Size Comparision00:00:00
18-2. Zoom Box Camera Operating Method00:00:00