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Tablet Topics Covered :-

  1. What are Tablet PC and comparison of iPod/iPhone/Smart Phone/Notebook?2. Different models of Tablet pc and its user manual/specification [H/W]

    3. SMT electronics class and components checking by using Digital Multimeter & RCL meter-practical [C-L]

    4. Different models of Tablet PC complete disassembling & assembling practical [H/W]

    5. Touch screen [LCD] replacement & repairing practical [H/W]

    6. Motherboard functional block diagrams & its explanation

    7. Tablet PC motherboard SMT Mosfet/diode/capacitor/inductor and resistor soldering practice[C-L]

    8. Tablet PC motherboard IC�s replacement by using Hot Air Blower- practical[C-L]

    9. Tablet PC motherboard voltage checking practical[C-L]

    10. Motherboard repair technique by circuit diagram[C-L]

    11. Hardware parts-speaker/mic/vibrator motor/switches replacing and checking practical [H/W]

    12. Motherbord trouble shooting [C-L]

    13. Tablet pc formatting & firmware update method [S/W]

    14. Application downloading & installation/Un-installation [S/W]

    15. songs/games downloading and SD memory card usage method [S/W]

    16. Wi-Fi connectivity method [S/W]

    17. BGA chip dry solder & removing method by using BGA MACHINE [C-L] & Etc..


    C-L = Chip Level

    S/W = Software

    H/W= Hardware

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