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CCTV Camera & VMS Installation Trng


Course Details
Course code ADCCS
Course Name Advanced Diploma in CCTV Camera Installation Training
Course Type Direct
Eligibility No Need
Age Limit No bar
Duration 4 weeks
Batch Type Regular,Fast Track,Week End (Saturday only)
Regular : 1 hr / 2 hrs Daily Class
Weekend : 4 hrs of Every Saturday.
Payment Mode By Cash / Card Payment / Demand Draft favoring "CHIP SYSTEMS", Payable at Chennai
Registration 2 Photo, 1 Address Proof, Registration Charges Rs.250 is Extra
We provide Space- Includes Class rooms & Lab with all facilities, Course materials, ID card, Note, Pen, Life time Backup Support, Whole sale materials Purchase References, Old & New materials contacts, Job Assistance, Self Employment Assistance & Etc...
Exam Online Examination with Online Verified Certificate.


WEEK-1 Session-1:
  • What is cctv?
  • Application of cctv
  • Tools and testing equipment of cctv
  • Cctv connectors-BNC/RCA and RJ45 explain
  • What is CCTV camera tester?
  • How check cable by digital multimeter?
  • How check connector by multimeter?
  • How check camera by multi meter?
  • How check camera by camera tester?
  • How check cable by camera tester?
  • Indoor and outdoor camera
  • Different types of camera model
  • What is different between analog and digital cameras
  • Analog and digital camera specification [TVL/MP/AGC/BLC/HLC/AI/DNR/WDR/IR]
  • Camera Lenz Comparison
  • What is cable?
  • Types of cable [co axial/cat5e and cat 6]
  • Cable distance explain
  • What is balun and how use balun?
  • How crimping co axial cable?
  • How crimping CAT6 cable
WEAK-2 Session-5:
  • Camera dismantling method and its parts identification with troubleshooting tips
  • Camera IR module replacement and its checking method
  • What is camera adapter? and volt/ampere difference
  • What is smps and its volt /ampere difference
  • Smps general fault finding method
  • Smps voltage checking method
  • What is AV camera?
  • How to connect single AV camera to TV?
  • How connect digital BNC camera to TV and RCA to BNC crimping method
  • Wireless camera connectivity method to TV and checking audio /video
  • What is AV switcher? How connect 3 various cameras to TV via AV switcher?
  • What is remote switcher?
  • How connect various cameras to TV via remote switcher?
  • What is digital zoom camera [varifocul]
  • How connect Lenz?
  • Zoom camera checking method
  • What is DVR?
  • Types of DVR
  • DVR specification
  • 4 channel camera and DVR connectivity block diagram explanation
  • What are the four cameras installation requirement and installation charges discuss
WEAK-3 Session-9:
  • How connect hard disk to DVR?
  • DVR trouble shooting tips
  • How connect 4 cameras to computer via USB DVR?
  • USB DVR recording method
  • Hik vision DVR 4 cameras connectivity method
  • How get TV output from DVR?
  • Camera setting menu practical-motion ,video loss
  • Other DVR setting explain
  • How to get video backup from DVR?
  • How recording camera manually
  • Normal recording method practical
  • Motion recording practical
  • Playback demo
  • Camera recording practical
WEAK-4 Session-12:
  • How connect DVR to internet?
  • What is IP address and its finding method
  • How register DVR ip address to modem?
  • What Is domain name? and its register method
  • DVR internet view and recording and other setting
  • DVR to Cell phone view practical
  • Cell phone camera view software downloading
  • How recording camera from cell phone
  • What is PTZ camera?
  • How to connect ptz camera to DVR?
  • What is preset and its practical
  • PTZ camera complete practical
  • What is joy stick and how to control PTZ camera?
  • What is ip camera?
  • What is NVR?
  • How configure ip camera ip address
  • How connect IP camera to NVR?
  • IP PTZ rolling camera cell phone view practical

Demo Video CCTV Student Feedback Video
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